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RIB Hire London Thames Boat Hire

We provide professional RIB Hire in London and Boat Hire on the River Thames for a range of commercial projects – filming, safety boats, sporting events, PR stunts, work boats, surveys and more.

Experienced, competent and  professional crews; often able to mobilise at short notice. Get in touch to see how we can help.

river thames london safety boat hire

We are Safety Boats UK

Providers of professional and reliable RIB Hire in London and Thames Boat Hire for River Thames Filming Boat Hire – we have a fleet of RIBS and boats available to suit a range of projects on the river in Central London.

The River Thames in London is a hot bed of ‘on-the-water’ activity, and we’re delighted to be a part of it. We provide a range of boat hire services on the River Thames in London, from media and filming boat hire, safety boat provision for engineering projects and survey RIBS for inspections of the river’s surrounding & supporting infrastructure.

River Thames Filming Boats

filming boat hire on the River Thames; with a large range of boats available to suit all filming needs.

River Thames Safety Boats

Safety boat hire with competent and professional crews for projects on the river.

Thames Survey & Work Boats

Survey & work boats available for inspections and marine works.

The tidal section of the River Thames is an extremely busy section of water, and commercial operators are required to meet strict requirements as stipulated by the Port of London Authority. Safety Boats UK operate fully in accordance with the PLA requirements for commercial operations and our crews are all experienced and qualified to work on the River.

We’re expertly based to provide competitive London RIB Hire with a great range of craft to meet all requirements. For further details, please take a look at the various sections below or get in touch.

RIB Hire London Thames Boat Hire

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River Thames Filming Boat Hire

river thames filming boat hire

The River Thames is a great location for filming on, and is incredibly popular with TV & film productions as well as for corporate, brand & advert filming. However, it’s a busy waterway and can be tricky to get just right. That’s where we come in!

We’re able to provide MCA registered vessels and experienced staff to help make your filming on the Thames a real success. Our experience and expertise means we can help advise on the best locations & timing to ensure you’re able to shoot exactly what you need.

We have a number of vessels available for film hire and media jobs ranging from camera boats, safety cover/rescue boats and work platforms for rigging. We’ve worked on both small projects with just one or two scenes to film right through to large scale productions, and strive to provide the same great level of expertise and professionalism regardless.

We’ve worked with many of the UKs leading production companies

filming boat hire

Thames Safety Boat Hire

Providing safety boat hire & standby rescue boat services for marine construction, civil engineering and bridge works on the River Thames is something we’re very used to doing.

Safety Boats UK are able to provided crewed safety boats, with qualified and expierienced staff for any project on the Thames.

We provide safety boats for all sections of the River Thames – the upper (non-tidal) stretch, central tidal reaches as well as out into the estury.

Our boats are PLA registered and/or MCA coded for commercial operations and we’re able to supply PLA LKE competent persons for all projects that require them.

Trusted by many of the UK’s largest civil contractors

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Thames safety boat hire

Thames Survey and Work Boat Hire

inspections works boat hire

We have a number of boats available for use as Survey & Inspection Boats on the River Thames in London, available to get up close to river walls & infastructure safely and easily for inspections to be carried out.

Due to the nature of the River, the surrounding infastrucutre requires regular servicing and inspecting for damage and defects. We’re able to provide a range of boats for Surveys and Inspections to be performed from, as well as work boats for repair works to be carried out on.

We can provide survey boats for all sections of the Thames – from Upper reaches right through to the Estury with boats MCA coded for commercial operations. Where required, we’re able to supply PLA LKE competent persons for projects within the LKE area. All our survey boats are hired with a competent, qualified and experienced crew.

Trusted by many of the UK’s largest civil contractors

marine civil contractors

Our Fleet

Rigid Boats

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Rigid Raiders

Aluminium Boats

We provide RIB Hire London for

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    TV Productions & Documentaries

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    Music Videos

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    Safety & Rescue Cover

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    Work Boat Duties

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    Surveys & Inspections

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    Sports Events

 Professional & reliable RIB Hire in London – Thames Boat Hire

River Thames Boat Hire

Whatever your project or requirements, we have a fleet of boats we’re able to supply on the River Thames to meet your needs. With our experienced and qualified team, and vast knowledge working on the River in London – we’re a great partner to help you fulfill your requirements.

Call us today on 01992 217350 to get a quote or check our availability for your requirements or email hello@safetyboatsuk.com.

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